Diaoyutai Revelation 7: order more profitable luxury

300,000 yuan a square meter is a new benchmark, is the developer focus on more profitable luxury crowd. Purchase of a warrant, this trend has even been strengthened.
Economists Golden Rock (blog) predicted that two years ago, Beijing, Shanghai will occur every 5 years, 30 million square meters of housing. Today, Beijing Diaoyutai VII Hospital, the highest price at 30 yuan / square meter ", arrived in the price 3 years prior to the culmination of our imagination.
"Now, who homes all over the Diaoyutai VII is a headache." Guang (a pseudonym) is close to a person familiar with the Hertz Group. First exposure of the project cost of a post a few days, sent several times in 2000, reviews thousands. The project has also caused concern for the Department of Housing and Urban and has sent its investigation, which concerns whether the project is profitable, and early transfer of land, tax situation.
Diaoyutai 7
In Guang think is the message that extends price disc released to the problems caused by the Diaoyutai VII hospital is still another, more terrible is that other developers will be to bring a higher price comparisons are expected.
Guang said on background today in Beijing, seeking just have to buy ordinary housing, scarce than the so-called luxury too hard. Reporter Howard agencies under sub-luxury monitoring database statistics showed that only at this time, including villas, including a unit cost of 40,000 yuan / square meter mansion for sale in Beijing to 150
Stricter regulation under the towering luxury stay fly against the wind.
"The most valuable neighbor"
Diaoyutai VII hospital located in the Haidian area north of Yu Yuan Tan Park, South outside the park. 25. May sales of real property to obtain building permits, four of which the immovable property, Building 3, 30 yuan / square meters, Building 4, Building 1, and 20 yuan / square meters, Building 2 18 yuan / square meter. This is publicly available in the Mainland highest price real estate projects.
VII hospital in accordance with the interpretation of Diaoyutai, the reason the price is high, because the lots are scarce. "Being located in the heart of the government district, located in Yu Yuan Tan Park North Shore, near the east of the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, its main core area near Street."
But what is puzzling is that the same region with Diaoyutai VII edge River Church there is another mansion, the property located in the west of Yu Yuan Tan Park, Haidian District, Beijing. Beijing Real Estate Transaction Management Network Information shows that the average price of real estate to be sold is 50,000 yuan / square meter, average selling price was 44,415 yuan / square meter.
This is far below the Diaoyutai VII hospital, apparently supporting the party is not the only factor in price. Close to the Hertz Group, relevant sources, Diaoyutai VII high-end homes are for special people. But he would not reveal that this "high-end special person" is what the audience. But he said that in addition to lots, parks and water Diaoyutai VII hospital more mysterious attraction is that this conversion is the last piece of land in the region. "This is the edge of the river than the church can not."
"It shows that some developers use Panlongfufeng psychological." Diaoyutai VII hospital, another well-known industry sources said the background.
VII hospital in Diaoyutai Hertz Group has no prominent developer background. The group was founded in 2005, including Sheikh, home to two major mining and HE system, which he has a molybdenum mining in Mongolia, in Hz Land acquired in March 2006 in Beijing and is new to the company to Heavenly preparation for the development of Suntime International City project in 2007 with "40 degrees north latitude," the case called the industry know.
Informed sources, he is able in many competitors, less than a year, in April 2006 to Yuyuantan project (formally known as the East Diaoyutai Housing), mainly because of the Land director Hz Lang Zhou Jinhui is acknowledged by the former director of projects, fast advance, the first payment contract.
Moreover, the two elements of the purchase paid for with money Caqianfei and land developers have to build another 10 ban on behalf of a person to visit the low density residential. He is the head of the group never appeared in public, Song Dandan, Zhao Yuji current husband, former general manager of Shougang Corporation, January 2009 -2010 Hz in December was the CEO.
Another informed source said Zhou Jinhui, 35 years, Tangshan, Hebei, Tangshan, a small trading early in the Capital, after running a real estate project in Tangshan get the gold came to Beijing. This person is particularly good for communication.
The so-called top-level luxury, not only the location, the landscape, but also because their neighbors are.
"The original price, but the estimated seven million"
VII hospital, according to the responsible Diaoyutai media, which currently houses 90% of the project have been sold, the remaining sales price of the 13 million residential -17,000,000, compared with last year did not change significantly. The price of 30 million housing project of 106 suites of the best sets of the source is to consider the size, design, location, etc., developed by a combination of factors, "I hope rational view of the external world can be."
However, the Beijing Municipal Construction Committee said sources alive, it's only external developers deals without government approval.
Ke does not understand the price marked on the Diaoyutai VII hospital practice, as were some of the current market expectations "screw bar." But according to people familiar with the explanation why the Diaoyutai VII hospital up to 15 from the unit yuan / square meter jumped up to 30 yuan / square meter, to a certain degree of "a space of one price" policy implications, "Development of selection price at once. "
Li Guang worry rendering price will transfer to other developers who move to higher prices, or just a step whereby the real estate cycle.
He believes this is the first layer of urban property a trend that more and more common residential developers do not want to do and more profitable to invest in luxury. Purchase of a warrant, this trend has even been strengthened.
Beijing has been dominated by deep plowing Poly ordinary real estate, officially opened this year, its "high-end residential first year," Beijing's new push its four new projects are two high-end apartments.
Data that Asia House show that in Beijing, priced 4 million over five rings / total 85 square feet luxury, high-end apartments for the major types of product extended to six rings in Ring Multi-villa intermediates, total 202nd According to rough estimates at this stage, the Beijing market price of 40,000 yuan / per square meter of property sales of more than 150
"Now the market is much better to do luxury, location, or not luxury." Subtotal market ho
Supervisor Guo Yi explained that the land supply and demand in recent years led to increasing land prices, not many urban centers some of the ground, cost pressure in the common choice of the luxury liner suburban block, remote location, poor transportation, and built common residential hard to sell, developers are made of luxurious, high-end segments defined as second or even third home, then you drive past to life.
"General housing developers do not want to do, because they would lower land prices, combined with frequent checks, bank loans are now very difficult, the general housing market, if not met, the sale elongated, and enormous pressure."Familiar with luxury operator practices Li Wei said.
Shanghai E-House Real Estate Institute of Minister Yang Hongxu extensive study says that most luxury guaranteed profit margin of 50% or more, some take to more profitable real estate earlier.
VII hospital in Diaoyutai example, industry analysis, Beijing 2006, the highest land market floor price of land is less than 1 yuan / square meter, while the project will take place by agreement, general agreement to sell the land auction and cheaper than more. With demolition and generation of construction, it is estimated that the cost of the project will not exceed 4 yuan / square meter.
Informed sources also revealed that the original developers of Diaoyutai VII hospital, but the expected price of seven million, nobody thought to exceed 10 million.
"Lot not need to do luxury,"
Luxury high price for achieving the Beijing Municipal Construction Committee "flat to down" the price control objectives are clearly a threat.
Beijing Municipal Construction Committee, a live inside, he was very worried and can not always control BMCC high-end homes, they are not allowed to enter the market, so prices can be higher stage of the phenomenon.
It is understood that luxury, including Beijing, including the high end of the house, take the partial release of the practice of staggered release sales license, although the same project if the houses are more luxurious, but also open in several batches. For example, the industry was optimistic Jin Mao asked the government to be divided into 5 lots of sales.
Affected by the regulation, in January this year, Beijing 2.3 577 transactions were high-end housing, 280 units, one after another fell. But beginning in April, high-end housing chain volume doubled and reached the highest point of control after the monthly turnover.
Ya Ho agency statistics show that in April the total price for a single set in Beijing more than 10 million yuan total turnover of the top 78 luxury apartment units, closure of an area of ​​22,100 square meters, the chain in March, an increase Transacted 52.94 % 22.78% higher turnover of the area. But price is only down 1%.
Deputy general manager Asia-Shan Ho institutions, intensified the development of inflation, exacerbated by the wealth concerns about wealth, investment increases.Compared to the wide fluctuations in the stock market and long tertiary industrial investments, adding value to the top in the form of luxury with more natural advantages, it is a constant turnover of tens of millions higher level of luxury ground.
On the other hand, since last year a series of control means, and many more restrictions, mainly restricted lending and increase the payout, most of the worst affected demand rigid demand and improve buyers. The original mansion on the long sales cycle, but is not affected.
But, said Guo Yi, poor sales due to the excessive luxury development impact is emerging.                          2011-6-4