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fivefingers shoes  Beijing 16th June, according to the instructions of the economy, "every day, 3.15," reported Mr. Kong Jining, Shandong recently from us last year, Jining, Shandong Province, China Mobile user fees often overcharged, and can not give the user a reasonable explanation .
Consumers say something: Do not move the company's business was more fees
Mr. Kong: I only used this phone for some time, is increasing, in combination with the price of $ 10 a day.
Reporter: You said that overpriced overcharged $ 10 per day or $ 10 a month?
Mr. Kong: one day 10, was for some time, usually not much.
It is the most recent one day together 10 dollars, I would say that is looking for transportation costs.
Reporter: Is the Internet traffic, is not it?
Mr. Kong: Yes.
Reporter: What to use to get online?
Mr. Kong: No, it is not possible, I will not be online on the phone, the home network, the phone is not very good, he said, is the reason mobile phones. I tell you that this is the last time I complained, the situation is similar, but also eat phone, mobile phone, is also a time like this, as one day a total of 10 dollars, increasing fees, pay 50 a few days, not money, I found, after consumer associations, consumer associations Contact him, he said, what my phone to play games with children, working in the field say that my son, my grandson was born, my kids how to play the game Oh , touches my solution was that the replacement cost of the phone. He said that the situation this year, the Internet, telephone and had a couple of days, so I felt that there may be a scam. This time I went to consumer associations, consumer associations can not, let me say that the court, I said, how can this energy I have, oh, the large state enterprises, so that any operator, I have people I report him? In conclusion, I find the motion manager, looking for a few times, but he did promise me you recoup the cost, but I think that you have promised to support the cost of lighting NO, the key is correct, I'll tell you more than 10 million Jining City, a half of mobile phones, many people got the phone bill is $ 10 per month What is the concept?
I was such a thought, too much.
Reporter: This time ...
Mr. Kong: Head I checked, even after admitting that the investigation into this matter, the results are now retreated 57 to you a few cents, is overcharging you, to give back to you, even when I tell you to recharge your phone
said, well, I said OK.
Reporter: Finally, back to the phone bills to count, right?
Mr. Kong: Yes.
Reporter: Do you apologize?
Mr. Kong: an apology.
Reporter: This is a problem solved, right?
Mr. Kong to solve, I'm focusing on this subject is too unpleasant, and eventually a replacement for me. He said that compensation for a hundred dollars, hundreds of dollars does not matter, the main thing I felt that I was not on a person may be the country's problems, the customers either want us to do small businesses like and care about this issue,
many units, public reimbursement is not possible to control how it happens the phone, so its behavior is very frustrating.
Coincidentally, Hebei Lee also told us that he was recently the company, Tangshan, Hebei China Mobile deducted five U.S. dollars more than the phone, the business expenses, but Mr. Lee said that the company handle this.
Lee: I pay bills for mobile phone, I found out more on telephone charges five dollars.
Reporter: When it is discovered?
Lee two days ago.
Reporter: What is a business ah?
Lee: Information is written 12,580 fee.
Reporter: That you did not before?
Lee: I did, I had to find our field of mobile payments, and they said you have to find a branch unit, branch unit, which can press the wrong number, and then I find Tangshan Mobile Corporation, said business is run by the province of Hebei,
Hebei Province, mobile office, and we can stop.
Reporter: Then solve?
Lee: Well, call me, I said what is necessary to observe the provisions of consumer law should compensate me said no, we will give you back.
Reporter: He promised to your back, right?
Lee: I said that we examined do not have a business, we give the money back, hit my account up.
Reporter: hitting into account the cost of IT.
Lee: I'm not, and I could not have taken place in this field, like, $ 10 per month, $ 10 is not much when the Hebei call this number if more money is much light, ah, Hebei if so calls for a month, you can call the money, always call the phone would not owe him how much money?
I listen to radio every day, go listen to Central Station.
Reporter: listening to the radio every day, right?
Lee: I listen to it, I do not watch TV, I like listening to the radio, so I had to leave this game, is unable to intervene here, if indeed there is another law here to let the masses despite having educational value, not on it, when,
although my back, that we fight what's back, I do not chase, and we have to recover, and radio stations will not pursue this matter so dry that it continues to do it again another.
Reporter: For more customers, to further the interests of consumers or not.
Lee: Yes.
And is not the same as the previous complaints, two consumer complaints to us before the problem was resolved, but said that the reason the problem was resolved, but also to our complaints, mainly that any collision operator, this phenomenon is too common, say some people have been deducted money, really nothing, but if more people were detained, it is a matter of a few dollars, then the profits of operators obtained in this way How much does it cost?
The two said the purpose of complaints us first remind consumers of the other, the second is that through the media called carrier strict self-discipline, respect for consumers.
In addition to the above mentioned two consumers, Jingdezhen Mr. Huang has also recently complained to us at the end of May this year, Jingdezhen City, Jiangxi Province, mobile phone costs for packaging labeling should only deduct expenses, but also Wong deduct more than $ 30.
Business telecom operators not to charge, in which case it's more than a few customers, many users have encountered such a situation. In the previous program, we said China Mobile is the problem of arbitrary charges of consumer complaints, in addition to China Mobile, other operators in fact there are several such problems, and other carrier charges, unauthorized fees situation is not all in one place, a company there, the audience received complaints from our perspective, there are many places have such a problem when he became commonplace, and why this situation will continue to appear?
Operator charges at the end there are no standards?
Program Commentator China Youth Daily, deputy director of the Ministry of Economy and Beijing Chaoyang Mr. Hu Gang Lawyer round commentary.
Moderator: First, ask the two telecommunications companies have met with many cases of arbitrary charges or fees?
Hu lawyers.
Hu Gang: I really come across such situations, especially at the beginning generate fees several years ago called SP, is the charge text messages, but later through negotiations is to obtain a satisfactory result.
Moderator: That is an act, after the results, unless you want one ton deducted fees shall be deducted?
Gang Hu: Yes.
Moderator: Mr. lap you had that?
Mr. bike: I had, because I dealt with a package of business moves, but then I found work because work has concerns about this area, I accidentally found a $ 100 package, then call this month not to fight, every time you receive a 120 - $ 130, but then I discovered that many Monternet some business, I am very surprised because I never went Monternet these companies, so I just say that he asked me to sign up for this activity, so I actually lost so it
was before, but said he must not only have this loss.
Moderator: In the past, the price subsequently disappeared?
Mr. Round: Okay, so it's actually a lot of cases, if you complained to him, then he will consider the solution, but you have to spend a lot of time and effort, as many people as I log out no problem, but may in fact be
large telecommunications companies can drill, it is precisely this gap to get high profits.
Lawyer: Violation of consumer right to know
Moderator: China Mobile's consumer protection without the knowledge of overcharging consumers eligible costs that are not justified?
But this does not mean that the consumer has a right to know should be violated?
Hu Gang: That's true, because our country's telecommunication charges are relatively specific, in accordance with our country in 2000 to develop the telecommunications provisions of the ordinance, is essentially a procedure that we mentioned in today's China Mobile Operator charges is part of basic telecommunications operators, service providers at the expense of the government price, government guidance, or market regulation, are now in a kind generally provided by our Ministry and the National Commission for Development and Reform fees associated with the formulation of common upper limit at present is the standard that our ministry will develop the common agricultural policy, then the operating company may conduct business under the ceiling-related criteria, it is a rate problem. But the fare there is a billing problem, the bill is a complex process, in kind, we called BOSS system, which is a lot of hardware and software components, and powerful hardware and software BOSS system, which is itself a process operation will produce an error, the error itself, if it is a systematic error, which seems to continually setting the Windows operating system, such as a patch to continue the fight, it is first class. The second category, which is harmful and charges can be the nature of this situation is quite different, because they say that some time ago, especially the multi-value-added services, such as fees, compulsory subscriptions, etc., etc., which
I personally think it should be noted that the main areas of the specification.
Commentator: Management should be highly suspect forced to sell
Moderator: As consumers, how this problem?
Mr. Round: buy things at the mall, but if you force people to sell me something, then I certainly know, and I was forced to sell, if it comes with a call to consume, but you may not know, because in the end only Few people speak every month, Hall went to fight Telecom documents call details, so that fraud is actually a few more intimate.
And I noticed that it is a common phenomenon, for example, I search the Web for a piece such as a Google search any mobile charges, it is more than 200 million related information.
Behavior actually sell art, others simply do not go to business registration obligations, but suddenly appeared above, but also taxes, so if you do not even charge you without the support of business, you should consult the views of consumers are willing to accept?
In addition, you are now one, so I think many questions should be thoroughly tender.
If the "arbitrary charges Unicom," has more than 70 million units, then the fact that almost two in the two largest mobile operators, then in fact you can see is very common, so I just had to see the advice of one technology, and
the other is harmful, there is such a subjective idea, then I think that if such a high proportion of the problem, then it is difficult to use technology to solve, so I think that some particular promotion, such as Monternet fixed charges and other services.
Moderator: reflection on the consumer, China Mobile charges more for their own behavior does not give clear and reasonable explanation, so that consumers return the money, I would like to ask Hu lawyers meeting you just said about his case, it is how to deal with China Mobile?
Hu Gang: It was as if he had said the circumstances that have the characteristics of the time when the SP is focused on the issue of any charges, because we have the impression a few years ago, when the value-added telecommunications services, the fees should be very confused, or even a direct deduction of this, I think that not only fraud, theft and similar acts later, after the reorganization of the Ministry of Industry, said that the situation should be significantly better. So in this case I make a complaint, then the operator response is very short, and now the answer will be completed.
Then there stated that the issue of complaints, I would like to reiterate that the basic data
Published in April this year, the Ministry of Information Industry and the issue of quality of telecommunication services in the notice stated that the first quarter of this year, our mobile phone users reached 889 million, which means that we have received complaints from employees regarding the Ministry of complaints to the system is probably more than 1500 passengers, which is 5 percent more than a quarter of the quarter, the quarterly member complaint amounted to 12.84 million people from these data is not too high, only 12.84 million people are people, but I personally think that
There are two issues that require attention, the first of a million or even one ten-millionth, but for a particular user is 100% loss, it is the first point.
The second point is that the user complaint after the event that the statistical results, there are many users can work on certain conditions may not busy checking the dispute may be that the costs associated with the case, so that we make an objective observation.   fivefingers shoes