Sinopec supervision of procurement chain crisis disaster: re-examination is not possible to buy oil sales

The oil quality scandal after another, the Chinese Petrochemical Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "Sinopec"), threw its shadow over 30,000 gas stations.
"Now, the Yueyang Sinopec gas station in front of the region omitted, although a car is only added fuel 97 # gasoline, 93 # gasoline is basically stock state." 1. June Yueyang, Hunan, Chen, a petrol station staff told "China Business" reporter, who recently unveiled the "problem of oil" events, some of Yueyang Sinopec gas stations and even turned off.
And about the "oil problem" event, change Sinopec N's port also makes the world a lot of questions. Did the oil quality is first, all from its own oil refinery Yueyang, later changed to oil source said that the issue of refined oil from overseas mining, 31 May when the company first acknowledged the problem of oil because of excessive additives but immediately added that no uniform standard oil additives.
"Problems with oil" behind, hidden in the end how the procurement system in the petrochemical diseases and tangled quality standards?
A delayed recall
The government should take positive propaganda
In late May, many owners of Yueyang three consecutive received message: "Recently there if your car indicator, engine shakes the engine can not contact as soon as possible with a 4S shop, we will be free for you try "," such as recent use your car 93 # gasoline, please contact as soon as possible with a 4S shop, we will be free for you to test, "" If you are April 29 to May 5 with 93 # gasoline in thePetrochemical, go to the 4S shop for testing. "
A strong this vehicle will give the city kicked off.
Many owners keep not filling because vouchers have quarrels with the station staff, and even some gas stations also erupted in physical conflict.
At the same time, Sinopec official said that they began to organize relevant personnel to study and involved all relevant gasoline storage. Internal forecasts, according to Sinopec, though closed in time, in the oil has reached hundreds of tons of the total by the number of cars on the events can be more than 5,000 vehicles.
In reality this is a belated public relations crisis. According to local media, came the "oil problem" early early on the first of May.
May 9 broadcast Yueyang Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department News 9:00 to 11:00 am to Yueyang a message to the local media, under the guidance of local government, the individual gas stations Sinopec oil products on quality issues in the light of the relevant departments are investigating the identification, temporarily to report.
11. May because of "Yueyang Evening News" 4th edition published a "multi-car fiasco allegedly caused by gasoline and oil stations refused to" reports, and thus the communication of the criticism of the Propaganda Department of Yueyang City, Yueyang Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department is based on "Yue City Vision (2010) 7," Article 13: the central, provincial and municipal enterprises in key businesses Yue positive propaganda to be involved in business-critical reports to be approved by the Yueyang Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department.
And the time nodes display as early as the ninth May before the incident has caused severe local reactions in Yueyang, but according to official statements from Sinopec, until the end of May, the local public security authorities before the study.
"Sinopec has been to explain the source of oil, and their test results so far have been qualified, the local government clearly also be hidden with Sinopec. But for most of the owners, we are more worried that if not Sinopec credible where for oil? "River District, Yueyang City, owners of Mr. Zhang Yun told reporters in mid-May from" the problem of oil was leaked that he realized that to buy a new car recently in "fault lights often flash Liang and other issues "in connection with the initial and the oil quality. Today, both types of Yueyang garage or professional 4S shop, full of cars overflowing.
Mr. Zhang said in his car's 4S stores, the maintenance is scheduled appointment to 8 months before this, and Sinopec announced the vehicles only in 5000 the number of serious inconsistencies.
Mr. Zhang appears in Yueyang of private car ownership of 10 million vehicles, "in oil" at a time when the outbreak of the "May Day" holiday car peak, not a minority of the affected vehicles. On 31 May Sinopec is openly acknowledged as of 29 May only to have the vehicle repaired to 1.2 million units, still a large number of vehicles to be repaired.
Sinopec Yueyang Branch Manager Lifeng Yuan told reporters that the 28th April, Sinopec Yueyang Branch Headquarters deployed a total of about three batches of thousands of tonnes of oil suspected "problem of oil," 890 tons. To reflect the oil problem was Yueyang branch may 6 remaining "problem of oil" makes agreement sealed and delivered superior control. Yuan Lifeng said after the demise of their "problem of oil" for 5 times and sampling, "oil without problems." His analysis that "the problem of oil" may be the result of a metal additive, but the index is not the national testing standards reach.
From the Company and Sinopec Yueyang City, Hunan Province, Hunan Province, said the monitoring of quality control departments under the national gasoline standard (GB17930, country, three standards) testing showed that the oil in accordance with national standards.
"Problem with Oil" is missing
Is the loss of human intervention or standard
Information from local media show Hunan Yueyang Sinopec "in oil" specifically outbreak of the time in late April ~ early May. At the time that unknown to the owner to repair first, but then more and more cars on the road for the concentration of 4S stores or various types of maintenance works, maintenance workers dismantling the car and found some units, car oxygen sensor, catalytic units and other components showed a white, and under normal circumstances should be dark yellow, so this may be gasoline problem.
Yueyang Yueyang Stamping Road in a popular restaurant Mr. Yue told reporters 4S, oxygen sensors and catalytic converters and other components show a white, usually only one reason why there is excessive lead in gasoline, and is seriously overweight. Otherwise it is impossible in the short term use after the failure as soon as a car spark plug, turn off the heat, weakness and other symptoms began.
4S shop many car personnel have also confirmed that the lead content of gasoline has far exceeded, the car (cold) started none, off, idle and so slow, it will focus on the outbreak.
"In early 2000, the provisions of the lead content of gasoline is greater than 0.005g / L, if confirmed, Yueyang Sinopec events caused by excessive levels of lead, the latter is illegal." Said an analyst with energy consultancy, gasoline, expiry of lead, is there a possible way that the refinery to increase gasoline octane number (index, such as 93 #) and anti-knock, the factory in gasoline by adding a certain quantity of explosives - IV ethylene lead.
He also introduced, in theory, would otherwise be small refineries to increase gasoline will sell, but in reality, the price per ton of tetraethyl lead as high as 15 million refinery, when the addition of tetraethyl lead, very spare, simply can not pay more, they possibly can not rise if not to save costs.
Reporters tried to refineries from the petrochemical division headquarters, and Yueyang in Hunan Branch Company further understand the details of oil sources, but as of press time daily in vain.
"These oils can be called 'harmonious petrol' which is out of compliance with the refinery gasoline plus mixed aromatics, EPA, naphtha, etc., the decline in his grades, then add MMT or equivalent metal series resistance blasting agent, its standards to 93 # default in accordance with the country, is three standard tests qualified, but use a full computer control of the car was immediately visible. "Sichuan, a person involved in the oil industry, told reporters.
But the above statement, Hunan Province, Yueyang City, two quality control departments were not to stand.
It is understood the one hand, positive Yueyang Sinopec Quality Supervision Bureau and the SAIC report, oil was sent to Beijing to test the national regulatory control agencies, and the other side, the batch submitted to the local public security organs 93 # gasoline suppliers to investigate .
As of press time, the local public security organ, said the results still to be announced.
Disaster from the shopping chain
Mystery of equity and foreign mining
Situated at the mouth of the Dong Ting Lake in Yueyang, because Zhongyan "Yueyang Tower" well-known since ancient times, traffic hub in central China, Sinopec is the hub of the central market, one of the public procurement.
Press survey showed that companies do not Sinopec Yueyang purchasing power of foreign oil, but by a uniform distribution of Sinopec Group around the oil received. Inside Information from the view of Sinopec Sinopec Yueyang area of ​​oil, in addition to local refineries from Hunan - Chang Ling Petrochemical, Sinopec Stamping, but also from Hubei, Anhui, shopping. According to the report, in the moment. Sinopec, CNPC the two giants in the company's purchasing system, the local availability of resources outside of the total recoverable resources of 1% to 25% range Sinopec is currently locked, an issue come from Anhui Province gasoline.
"If not in the local petrochemical refinery problems, it is possible that these" problems with oil 'is outside the extraction of oil traders, or produced by small refineries. "The people of Sichuan oil business.
As a general rule, Sinopec Yueyang Yueyang businesses have a number of distribution terminals directly over refined oil, and then a random group of oil, and then sent for testing agency for testing. If the test shows compliance then the company will undertake to the various gas stations and other outlets. And if not these oil refinery Sinopec produced their own so that Sinopec will first go to Hunan testing before distribution to the qualified Sinopec Yueyang.
"Such a large corporation, individual local stations are not allowed, but it is also an objective reality." 31. May HE Xiao-ping, executive director of China Energy Network, Sinopec was hired as the first locally based tutor one. Day, HE Xiao-ping said that the media openly that he had never without Sinopec oil. "Petro china's oil, Sinopec per liter cheaper than the 2 cents."
"Henan attendance in the manganese content of gasoline serious poisoning, and later also appeared in Fujian and other provinces had a small selection of petrol lead poisoning cases, personal opinion, this Yueyang events, or gasoline mixed with water in Wenzhou events occur is. with the purchase and sale of petrochemical chain existing in-house is not perfect on, "said He Xiaoping, on the one hand, Sinopec is China's largest oil producers and distributors, the terminal has the most powerful marketing platform, which is an advantage, but at the other hand, more than 30,000 service stations in large quantities, but also means that Sinopec will start to focus on buying and selling cash registers unusually large and complex chain, details of any part of the fault can lead to damage of company brand.
Class "Shuanghui" rectification of the crisis in the petrochemical system
So, purchase and sale of refined petroleum products in the petrochemical system if there are any internal and external chain? Is also part of mistakes that lead Yueyang episodes?
"We feel very surprised, I hope that public safety and local authorities can help us find the truth." For the cause of the accident, 31 May Sinopec in "Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2010" conference, press spokesman for Sinopec Huang Wensheng repeatedly used the word "strange accident" and other words and said Sinopec did reason unknown.
He said that these "troubled oil" outside the Department of Sinopec oil products, a total of 3,000 tonnes, procurement has also been a quality control reports, supplier quality, issued, made in the company, when tested in Yueyang, in accordance with national standards for test results.
But then a reporter asked, "Sinopec is suspicion of tampering with this group of oil," said Huang Wensheng, the case is very strange, I hope the authority of third parties to conduct a thorough investigation, the outcome will be the first timeannounced.
Reporter learned through special channels, Hunan branch of Sinopec oil purchasers of the lot. About the quality of their oil is mainly based on standards, see the supplier has a provincial or municipal quality supervision department, issued a qualified report test results.
Reporter was informed that within the refinery Sinopec oil production for Sinopec's gas stations in circulation, usually have to give the refinery side of the inspection report and registration. However, relatively tight supply of resources in some areas, yes, there are a lot of oil source outsourcing behavior, this time the supplier has a quality supervision department for inspection and the report will become the first security gate.
During two sessions this year, including former Chen Geng, president of the oil exchange with reporters, admitted that the quality of oil depends on the one hand, technology continues to improve, on the other hand, depends on the government strict quality supervision and other functional departments.
"Obviously, this oil supply, the supplier issued a qualified report, Sinopec after purchase, it can not be completely new investigation itself, and instead of selling out." NDRC Energy Research Institute, who asked not to anonymous experts said Sinopec. Experts believe that in Yueyang "in oil" incident, in fact, played a similar Sinopec Shuanghui CL role. "Shuanghui when buying live pigs, according to the state animal quarantine department of the sampling compliance report while Sinopec oil in outsourcing, they need based on national quality supervision department for inspection and report, two have the same purpose."

1. June Sinopec Sales Company declared a person in charge, Sinopec headquarters in late May introduced a strengthened foreign oil measures taken to require that all branches should not limit the provisions of procurement within the framework of the producers of oil, reduce quality Procurement not have national standards and new standards for cooking oil is oil. He said, "is outside the new measures taken to prevent the sale of cooking oil in the petrochemical system."
Which, strictly defined purchases of foreign oil producers. In addition to several large national companies outside the refinery and the refinery owned and private firms to retain only a dozen foreign oil refining company as a producer of goods (Shandong for refining only store 11), has participated in hundreds of insertion of cooking oil business oil business are excluded addition to commodities.
Treasure Island, "said oil analyst from Yueyang Petrochemical" in oil "sparked a chain reaction that makes an already adequate supply of resources has been the gasoline market has been tense.                                                                                                                                                                     2011-6-4