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Last month the Audit Commission gave 17 companies in central audit notice, to pay taxes for non-compliance issues, benefits from the roots of poor governance, identified dozens of questions. Prior to this, Sinopec Guangdong company is exposed to "the price of wine" events, exposed roots of the petrochemical company a bonus event in Yunnan, Anhui, State Grid Corporation and the bus are exposed to non-compliance with the building fund-raising event, the mobile management discipline to study suspected CNOOC was traced to a per capita annual salary of 380 000 yuan ... ... average rate of "scandal" after another. Although the amount of the national tax base, but it seems to have earned more people do not have anything to do, but in recent years, more and more public grievances. How does the Central Business? Why is more money for more cycle scolded? The central or state-owned enterprises of the future go? In seeking answers to these questions, while the "scandal" Medium businesses have ridden into anxiety and embarrassment.
Public opinion is directed to the basic tax groups
"Expensive Wine" event in the petrochemical field workers, and anxiety, which further self-development of the petrochemical, public criticism of objects spread in central groups.
Work until ten o'clock every night, or even later, the phone did not stop for a moment almost all kinds of media correspondents around the call. This is the "price of the wine" events, Sinopec Group Liaison "foreign liaison officers in the work space.
As the current tax base is dedicated to the media liaison department, other departments are not allowed outside, so the department has come to understand the outside world, "the high price of wine" events in a window.
You can not talk freely to journalists, but the reporter's "rebellion" after a phone, a familiar correspondent, is a strange call, when to say two words to speculative Journalists write without fear, nothing to say to journalists to write without fear of this "foreign correspondents" to feel the pain and anguish, "this day down , the spirit is weak. "
From early April to April 25 Japan-China Petrochemical was considered "the price of wine" event for press conferences, so the day continued for nearly two weeks.
"How do you think today's conference? Want to know the solution to the problem?" In "The high price of wine" after the description of the event, Sinopec spokesman Huang Wensheng the flock to the podium and Reporters asked worriedly. At the end of note, he also stressed its wish that the editors can objectively report the incident.
"Expensive Wine" event began in Sinopec Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, Lu, General Manager of the collective bargaining agreement without secretly spent millions of dollars to buy Maitai decision-making and other high-end wine. Events originated in the network broke the news to the media of communication, almost a month of fermentation, the development of all people concerned about the subject.
"Expensive Wine" event, the consequences of Yunnan Branch of Sinopec has revealed a two-year leadership, funds and other irregularities, took 6.4 million yuan at the end of the year awards party 'scandal', even if it took place in 2008-2010, and the illegal distribution has been shown with the recovery of money, but does not reduce the heat of public criticism.
The development of these events as soon as the skip of Sinopec, the subject of public criticism of the Group's businesses in Central, so a lot of key corporate director of foreign news, anxiety and uncertainty.
Problem 17 is the central business audit notice
National Grid, CNOOC, China Mobile has revealed the negative news, the audit reports 2007-2009 17 Medium companies spend a lot of positions, salaries and other illegal issues.
Sinopec in "astronomical wine" would be two days after the incident described, and the central rate - National Grid has been "a scandal". 27. April Xinhua news agency, Anhui Electric Power Company (National Grid, Anhui Branch) in recent years to "change the cars," the name of the whole system, about 300 cadres at least a deputy department level official position.
A week later, Anhui Electric Power Company has found funding for housing workers in Hefei, the construction of luxury housing.
At the same time, CNOOC was revealed instances Fri 380 000 yuan annual salary. Later known as the most profitable companies a key movement confirmed that the company vice president of information that serious disciplinary horsepower under investigation. According to statistics, since 2009, China Mobile executives are sacked seven, including a former party secretary and vice-chairman Zhang.
May 20, National Audit Office published its audit of 17 central enterprises announcement, the central business of the many problems in turn, re-assembled and exposed to the spotlight.
Inspection China Unicom, China Three Gorges and the other 17 companies in central auditing of financial accounts from 2007 to 2009, some companies are leaders in the consumer's unclear, false invoices, pay problems, and so on. The Audit Committee, the Commission said that the current responsibility of handling 65 people, 10 office-level cadres, has found that some of the major violations of discipline, and tips for transfer of suspects in criminal investigation units.
Reporters learned that the day of notification of inspection, many companies have been the main channel, a day in advance, that the audit report public. Major corporate spokesman for Journalists calls has also been prepared, and some key companies have responded the same day, all the problems, the inspection is completed the adjustment, the opportunity to strengthen internal management.
Basic Tax "scolded" to find out later that the
SASAC Director Li Rongrong has done the former, does not want to understand why they might be scolded state-owned companies to improve. It is business leaders have said the Central confusion.
Basic Tax "scandal" broke out at the same tire, busy not only related to the central level, together with the competent authorities - SASAC.
Audit, reporting the next day, the SAC in response to emergencies, "the inspection results are published in the promotion of entrepreneurship in time to connect loopholes in the management, monitoring of compliance with law, safeguard the rights and interests of public property, has an important role. SASAC to further regulate the business office of consumer behavior, to improve salaries and benefits management, and continuously improve the transparency of the masses of workers and the public to accept supervision. "
Sinopec "Expensive Wine" event ended shortly thereafter, a second door to the average rate of SAC Liaison delivered price of Sinopec's opinion polls, wine events, the system analyzes the evolution of events and to present a response to that, very concerned about the high time for the event, the public and the media do not make sense, so the answer should be more cautious.
Reporters learned that "the price of wine" after the event, central SASAC to convene an extraordinary meeting of the company's key business environment, public meetings, central enterprises to meet the current climate of opinion to analyze and discuss solutions.
Years ago, former director of the SASAC Li Rongrong had mixed feelings, "I do not understand why the state-owned enterprises perform well when the curse, and now we are doing a good job of state-owned enterprises, or curse you?"
Today, this question has not been answered yet, and petrochemicals, "Expensive Wine" event press conference, Sinopec party members, Vice President Chunguang also said the system was for decades the oil, paid a hundred billion a year, the portion of the profit, but still always be people to curse, it does not understand.

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