Taiwan began to destroy contaminated products plasticizers

AQSIQ comprehensive news release based on the situation in Taiwan, 3 night updated the problem of contamination from plasticizers and related products of companies listed, a variety of children's products due to contamination by plasticizer suspended imports of mainland China.
As the evening of 3, the State Administration of Communication Quality Supervision products in question include sports drinks, fruit juices, tea drinks, jam, pulp, plastic products ingot powder and food additives.
According to the report, to suspend imports of products in China mainland, including a variety of products to children, including Friends of Chinese Biotechnology Biotech Co Ltd commissioned the production of child nutrition Druitt Carlo integrated now, manufacturers IMEXCEL vaccination Malaysia Sdn Bhdchildren chewing tablets, Formosa Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. entrusted Yulun Biological Technology Co., Ltd. OEM marigold Tablets children, children and other solid Tables clearly.
AQSIQ has established supervision and inspection of enterprises, focusing on checking whether the purchase or use of phthalate esters, and the use of Taiwan production of "clouds agent", etc., where seized treatment immediately found the problem, identify the cause of the problem and resources procurement of raw materials, product sales location, adding that the immediate transfer of the judiciary illegal and punished severely.
Taiwan's enterprises and products to update issues
Continent of 858 kinds of imported products be suspended
According to the State Administration of News Quality Supervision General site news, updates again yesterday AQSIQ issued by Taiwan problem of pollution plasticizers and related products companies list of questions raised in 255 companies, rose to 858 kinds of related products.
So far, Taiwan, published by a total of six types of plasticizer contamination of the product. List, reported Taiwan's current products were contaminated by the plasticizer six categories are: sports drinks, fruit drinks, drink tea, jam jam or jelly, tablets capsules powder food, additives.
AQSIQ requirements, issues related to business products can not be imported.
Hong Kong will be included in routine examination plasticizer
Xinhua News Agency in Taiwan "plasticizer storm" affected Hong Kong, a variety of contaminated food, medicine in Hong Kong. Hong Kong SAR government announced that the Food and Drug formulation containing plasticizer "phthalate esters (DEHP) limit of 1.5 parts per million, and plasticizers in routine monitoring of imported products to enhance sampling. If a product is found beyond the limit of DEHP is banned under the Law on Food Safety in Hong Kong for sale, sale of products must be recovered for destruction.
Hong Kong SAR Government Secretary for Food and Health York Chow to attend public events, 3, said the expert committee has held meetings on the level of DEHP contamination of food, and development of food, medicines included in the ceiling of DEHP for 1.5 million, DEHP content of any food beyond that level, may be prohibited in accordance with food safety legislation in Hong Kong for sale, and recovery and destruction, while DEHP included in routine surveillance.
According to local media reports, Hong Kong Standard that the upper limit of the proposed international research more stringent 15 parts per million.
About a thousand catering enterprises involved in Taiwan
Grand Hotel dragged into the water
AP foodservice industry in turmoil in the hard hit plasticizer. As a veteran supplier of food from Kaiyuan company had "exposed" king of the golden fruit of the company stock, leading to a large number of electricity customers are implicated in about a thousand catering enterprises are known to be affected, including Shan Juan, Fu Hua, Yan You, Sai steak, etc. known hotels and restaurants, amazing level of influence.
News from City Health Department, said that tracking the Kaiyuan traced to the fruit of its stock more than 16,000 barrels of King, sold about 1,100 restaurants in Taiwan, beverage stores, has recovered more than 5800 barrels of Health has 24 business company and therefore the flow of more than 1,000 available for sale in the county and city health office to investigate.
Founder of Taiwan to further review the field of pollution tracing plasticizer, has been a lot of destruction around the products' exposure. "
Been implicated in emergency plasticizer Grand Hotel Taipei issued a statement that the company has suspended cooperation with the New Century, said Howard Plaza Hotel has a full alternative to the concentrated juice of freshly squeezed fruit juices, to avoid the "plastic painted , "risk.
It is understood that "drug source" Bingham, one of thousands of corporate customers downstream Bin before ingredients company, which produces all kinds of jam, the supply of facilities including various types of cream shop ice cream, bread lines, bread lines, all of Taipei, Taichung, Chiayi, Yunlin, Tainan and other countries. Authorities are now contaminated'm in urgent investigation.
Currently, prosecutors in all of Taiwan, the case has been launched to search 30 times plasticizer, the future will continue to find plasticizer, flow downstream, and interviews with relevant staff within the company involved to assist in the investigation of case.
Commitment to five supermarkets in Guangzhou:
Sell ​​the products in question may return
special inspection is extended to cosmetics and food industry
Taiwan has been part of the shelf products
Deep ocean water salinity of China
Tai rice pudding
Black 松沙士
Shupao sports drinks
Uniform red guava juice
kumquat lemon juice Red Uniform
Unified multi-guava
Unified sugar cane juice
Nanfang Daily News (Xinhua / Tao of example) after Carrefour, said that pollution PARKnSHOP plasticizer including food in Taiwan for three different racks, storage, yesterday, Wal-Mart, Trust-Mart, three stand Vanguard supermarket, food sold related to accept returns. It is reported that Taiwan's media for the last plasticizer of food contamination incidents, Guangzhou City Industry and Commerce, the Food and Drug Administration and other departments within its jurisdiction the past few days in the sale of beverages and food additives in Taiwan to conduct checksparticular have been a number of substandard goods under the shelf, and the purpose of inspection can be a problem also extends to the field of cosmetics and scattered distributed drinks in restaurants.
Yesterday, Wal-Mart, Trust-Mart, China Resources Vanguard Supermarket position three, are sold on the black list of related goods started to accept returns, if consumers have other concerns of goods purchased, if not also open to return under negotiation. Guangzhou Friendship Supermarket Grandbuy supermarkets said they sell imported food in Taiwan is very small, and blacklisted products are not sold in stores.
In addition, the plasticizer within the management chain, is responsible for catering management, and cosmetics, Food and Drug Administration has added its cosmetics in areas under the jurisdiction of the council conduct Mocha work.Authority responsible person also said the current national departments, provincial and municipal authorities involved in the communication field plasticizer drinks, more food, still can not rule out that individual drinks food chain at the opportunity.For the restaurant industry that may exist in someone's drink fragmented, the council will inform the media exposure of the situation and continue right, and has started to pay attention to the relevant departments quickly inform the catering units for drinks list, record good supply.
Additives in the grasp of many years, routine testing is found in
devoted mother of first plasticizers exposed shadow
complete information on starting March 23, Taiwan's food industry has undergone a dramatic "earthquake" plasticizer, great intensity, rarely seen in 30 years.
Source of the storm, came from two months ago, a female inspector general quality "accidental" discovery.
"Technical" is the title of a dedicated civil servants in Taiwan, while the "technical Yang" is the inspection of food employees, 52 years old, she has two children, and therefore concerned enough about child nutrition. In a routine inspection of a testing company probiotics, accidentally discovered a signal exception.
Careful mother spent two weeks to study recent accident found that abnormal signal is not actually supposed to appear in plasticizer food. It is a carcinogen, was also generally considered dangerous to male fertility, promote female sexual precocity. Presentation of probiotics in food plasticizer concentration as high as 600ppm, far exceeding the standard of Taiwan's per capita consumption of daily 1.029ppm. Soon, the Taiwan health department to notify the prosecution of Taiwan, and ultimately found, for profit, a company called "Shen Yu," spice company in the manufacture of food supplements, "the agent of the clouds" added plasticizers.
May 23, when Yu Shen Lai Junji spice company officials have been removed, the black hole is finally presented to the public. Yu Shen is the largest supplier of Taiwan's new agent, which then lead to reduced food industry in Taiwan earthquake. Downstream including the harmonization of corporate giants such as Taiwan food industry.
May 31, Taiwan's "termination of food containing plasticizer action" was launched in the inspection, the situation snowballed, including business and sports drinks and other products cover five major categories of food, food and even healthy,children chewing films and milk all have "fired." Just a week, 30 years with hard earned reputation of Taiwan for food safety, suffered a fatal stroke.
Storm continues plasticizer fermentation, the famous Taipei "Shihlin Night Market" is also being affected and more than 50 vendors were found to buy cold drinks containing fruit juice concentrate and plasticizer were punished severely and therefore some loss of shop innocent. Meanwhile, Taiwan exports to the Philippines, South Korea and the United States began inspecting the shelves of food. plasticizing agent in all of Taiwan's crisis is far from over, and all this, which started in the mother continued.

However, the people of Taiwan do not know "Technical Yang", which in the end, because the authorities in order to protect her, did not disclose her name.                                                                          2011-6-5