Female 7,000,000 in cash stolen street Police homicide case detection program starting

A part-time jobs in Wuhan Enshi wandering woman, by cleaning shoes, accompanied by steel and other odd jobs to save for 22 years, he saved seven million hard-earned money, because there is no ID card , he might be money in the bank, rank he is scared of no fixed rental to this large sum of money, the only spending money on a towel wrapped layer, placed below a lunch box and put them to work on the broken bicycle basket, where have you where, but this year May 12, it happened.
At work, due to negligence, bicycle is stolen, save a life of 7 million stolen money, life support, causing the woman nearly collapsed, Hongshan from ordinary criminal cases launched a murder detection scheme, which lasted 11 days of detection of cases, the face of cheaters, suspects, the police have gone through hardship, and finally get the 5 million to help her raise money orders.
Dragon Boat Festival on the eve of Hongshan Lake Public Security Bureau police station to appear in more than a touching scene: 49 year old woman in Enshi City were built before Ju Ho, in the hands of the police to get from 5 million stolenstolen money recovered, suddenly plump soon not afford against the police Changgui, "thanks to the police for me back in 'home', it saved my life."
Save the 22 years of "home" not a
May 12, Hongshan Lake Public Security Bureau police station suddenly stumbled over a ragged woman burst into the police, he was the face of police suddenly knelt down, and cried, repeatedly said mouth whispered: money stolen, homeless.
Lake to the police station for more than the transcripts of criminal Zhentan Weijun Feng Chang told reporters: After repeated inquiries, just know that this woman named Ju Ho, Enshi construction began, she had neither identity cards of shelter, evidently wandering in Wuhan, his anti-repeated saying that 7 million stolen, when the disjointed rant, the first feeling or even think some of his problems, people on the brink of collapse.
No way, police station, the police sent a woman to him, soothe his feelings, to calm her down, as well as his alarm off and made a record of more than 4 hours, and finally understand the whole thing.
Previously, 01:00, the weather is too hot, Ju Ho hongqicun Hongshan Street 3 groups at a demolition site hit steel, other workers have to eat the rest, but his turbaned, brandish the hammer and its almost as high work as hard on hot days.For a long time, to save money, he does not eat at noon, he was in a dilapidated bicycle alongside indivisible and crates in the car stood a lunch box, lunch box which is not, Under the three bundles of 70 000 Da in cash, the issuance of the layer is 120 yuan in cash and a cell phone, it was his 22 years in Chinese and all the tools.
At first, hit a few meters, Ju Ho put forward within a few meters beside the bike, accidentally, he smashed more than 30 meters forward, forget the push bike, so when he looked back and found a bike and lunch boxes are gone. Ju-Ho that the days are suddenly collapsed. His only friend in Wuhan, the talk of the town make a phone call, you've stumbled into the local police station.
Sad reminders:
No ID card box with a "bank"
He took off Ju, deputy director of Dong Zhengwu police station over the lake is full of compassion. Ju-Ho is a brave woman, her 27 year old, her husband died suddenly turn of events, Ju Ho and leaving three young children. Her in-laws early death his son because life is too hard, her driven from their homes, since then, Ju Ho started out wandering alone for 22 years, never returned home.
Over the police station in the lake, the reporter saw Ju Ho, year-round sun and rain, a dark and rough face, and looks 49 years old woman, more like the adults in the sixties, a pair of hands thick joints, because perennial waving a hammer, palm full of calluses.
He told reporters that he very beginning of baby chickens, 5 cents a, and then save the eggs, and thus, the first 5 years, gradually to save a million.
To Wuhan, Ju Ho initially have someone else do the cleaning, cooking, and later took to the streets were shining shoes, recently raised dust in the demolition site, drop bars, and people at work. 22 years, Ho Kwan Ju live frugally, do not know how much pain to eat only slowly to the 7 million savings. Using his 6-year working life is also very sympathetic to those who hear his Ju-Ho, he said, he was too hard, to save money, often on a day to eat a bun. About 1.5 meters tall, he worked at the site, from 8:00 until 8:00, 12 hours, even though people can not take it down. 50 of the clothes were never purchased. "Every night in a bed too tired to climb. Arms are covered with plaster," Lao Li Ju Ho talked about the eyes but also overflowing with tears of sympathy.
Ju Ho fool, do not do in his hometown, identity card, there is no way the money in the bank, no one in Wuhan in the tile, not a brick under it 22 years ago, she hid the money in each day in every corner of rental housing. Until a year ago, the rental place Pirates, Ho Ju stolen 5,000. For insurance purposes, he will share the remaining 7 of 7 million bales, and wrapped tightly in the box, and then put their lunch boxes every day riding bicycle basket, cars with people pedestrians, people with money go. When he was cleaning the shoes, put his hand on the bike, working on site when the bicycle is placed there.
Lao Li Ju Ho's friends told reporters: "Ho Ju lost money, the whole soul of man is gone, every day at home without food or drink, do not go out to work, only moaning I gave him a hundred dollars, so he. buy something to eat, and could see paying the money back, she said that one hundred yuan a red ticket, broke open the guilty. then I put every little change in the mug, and then a few days later, he took out a red ticket, said change saved a hundred dollars, but also in exchange for one. not that he could not get the money lost, the fear that she do anything silly! "
Public Security Bureau detection limit
Vulnerable groups, this body took place in ordinary theft, Hongshan attaches great importance to high-level public security bureau, the main person in charge of the branch instructions of the case as a homicide case investigation, and ordered the limit of detection, the parties fully recover their losses. "
"For a vulnerable group, the 7 million that all her money gone, gone home, is likely to extremes", Hongshan Li Guoxiang, deputy director in charge of the criminal investigation is to guide the case of more Lake police detection, the detection of more than set up special classes Lake police station and go all the cases cracked.
Dongzheng Wu, deputy director of criminal investigation police, the crime instead of the special geographical environment, is a demolition site, the surrounding is in ruins, near the field will not find a witness , nor any clues, the investigation visited Mo Pai tradition is almost impossible to start, investigating rather difficult.
Police handling of the case in no way discouraged, the police are pointing the radius of the incident, collect the incident of 42 monitoring points throughout the video, the police calculate a bicycle to monitor the way from the incident at the time, on-site simulation, then expand the time crimes were estimated additional 5 minutes, all the data back down the loading of two U-40G disk. Police are 3 days of sleepless nights watching video to determine the direction of the suspects have time to appear suspicious Ling eight people.
To further narrow the scope of this eight police conducted a needle in a haystack-like investigation, the investigation by asking thousands of people, and ultimately determine the cliff layer has a significant Yang frequented by the suspects. In the first 11 days after the incident, police in special classes Wuchang Changhong Bridge Power Authority dormitory and arrested him in front of the house, and found the place on some of their stolen goods.
Yang is Jiangxia suspect the man, 51 years old, no regular employment and housing. Yang, after appearing in court, refused to explain the whereabouts of the stolen money, the face of police interrogation, he either had to lie, or pretend that the inflammation of the liver, and later will simply play the fool, a money, I'm one of the styles.
To recover their losses to victims as soon as possible, Li Guoxiang, deputy director of the unified command, police in the heart and mind through various battle of wits, with a full 3 days, finally Yang explain some of the crimes.
The original, 12 May at noon, Yang Hongshan Street hongqicun lines into 3 groups of a demolition site, we found that Ho Ju was hit in the bar, behind her a bike, Yang sees around are empty, quickly the bicycle push it away secrets before. Empty room in an abandoned, Yang see the car in the basket lunch, thinking that with food, I thought I do not eat, to take lunch boxes ready to eat in, and then put a bike to sell.
When he opened the box, the time spent on the original seven bundles placed inside a clean face value of RMB 100 yuan, a total of 7 million. Yang quickly throw a bike, according to his account, his life suddenly did not see this much money, it Zhaoqian who called a taxi, in a casual home massage, and carrying 2 million went to the Guangzhou Tourism Later he thought his age, to leave the retirement money, to go before he can go home with his brother Jiangxia, the remaining 5,000,000 in his sister, and entrusted to his custody. 2 million in Guangzhou will soon squandered, Hui and Han was the day after police arrested him.
Stolen goods:
Ho Ju detection just found the whereabouts of the money, Ju Ho can not solve practical problems, be sure to recover the stolen money. Be poetry, Yang knows just did not want the stolen money back to the owner, the name of its sister publications were false, the police find this person. Yang police had information on account of his sister comprehensive, is 57 the city deserve full investigation and, ultimately, to find a best match Chrysostom Jiangxia characteristics of people.Special classes investigating police arrived non-stop river summer, this reporter came with the police Jiangxia.

After checking, I finally found Yang's sister. Yang's sister can not read, warrant or grandchildren to help her translator, she explained that her brother had the money to do business, said the money, he speculated origin is incorrect, therefore, have dared to use money for a sub-, to save the bank. He came with a police bank, 5 million fully recovered.
Dragon Boat Festival on the eve of the June 4, Ju Ho Lake police station to receive more than their hard-earned money to be recovered. Reporters on the scene to see, much he got excited, entered the gate the police station's, he kneeled down, and police do not pull Abdullah, he kept the police, said: "my life looking back, looking for my house back! .
Police want him to be able to live a good life, and the talk of the town to pick up a card, a real home, home to ID card, so money can be saved in the bank, rather than close at hand.
Dongzheng Wu, deputy director of the police station said that at present, the police suspect is still the best to do the job, hoping to find ways to return to their 2 million squandered money.                     2011-6-6