Poor / rich gap instigation of criminal

Visiting Professor Wang Dingding, May 27, XXVIII, twenty-nine beautiful coastal city Dalian, went to Northeastern University of Finance and the behavior and social development of interdisciplinary research centers, to participate in "China's macroeconomic policy and Austrian School" conference, during which many new and old friends to see, Mo Zhihong, Zhu Hai to be so, but to see YAT, Zhangming Yong, Zhi-Gang Xie, rules, Bao Qin, Huang overseas Chinese, Ma Ying give residents. This article is to walk with Professor Wang Dingding chat with friends and meeting a discussion likely, the operator of small resume. After the teacher thanked me for Tintin (classical) liberal appeals to the northeast.
Also, just look CCTV program, found that highly inflammatory for the rich / poor, the scene that the label says, for the article to establish the truth.
The absence of rational thought and reflection of social revolution are often inclined to turn fried society. Poverty in contemplation and reflection on the lack of a rational expression is typical of the poor rich. I know that this argument would have been immediately raised the so-called "straw sandals right" to the charges. I do not accept such criticism is an academic assessment that such comments have no explanatory power of the judge. First I will explain why the rich and the poor is a division of inciting criminal acts, then simply answer "the right shoes," Why do not withstand scrutiny.

It should be noted that this is not against the general economic and social statistics to describe the distribution of income, such as computing the Gini coefficient, which must have a package in accordance with the income statistics.This refers to the statistical nature of high-income groups and low-income groups, or commonly referred to as the poor or rich. It's not against the poor and charity to the poor. Besides, I do not justice for those who, by the capture of wealth of people, especially relying on the public authorities, administrative monopoly, and direct administrative authority as an instrument for the protection of wealth, no doubt, is to expose such a despicable act, and to find effective solutions. This is a note in advance to avoid unnecessary confusion.

This is against the poor / rich divide, but to confuse the kind of romantic revolutionary protector of people, to attract attention, to incite the savings to support themselves to achieve the hidden power usurped power. Regardless of who for moral instigation of enthusiasm, out of ignorance or deliberate incitement of psychological well-versed in public places, the same result, misleading the public, regardless of justice and injustice, the distribution of income directly to the label based on the results, dividing the enemy , incitement to violence of conflict, the implementation of this revolutionary opportunity to make cookies.

Worried about the results of simple division of the income distribution from two different people, like chess, denies the Son, which is very simple, white from the spot. Then rigidly attached to the white enemies, reactionaries, historical barriers, not just labels to insert the advanced class of sunspots, the promoter of historical progress, justice, the label is very small, vulgar, and even evil. For the absurd is the fact that there is no understanding with the source of wealth of historic justice.Nozick-style simple thought experiment, the country of 10000 people, the richness of each person is 10000 yuan, the overall average starting point. Singing talent in this country, which held a concert in this country most people gather to enjoy a concert, for example, 7000 people went to a concert, the average ticket price of 400 yuan, which means that there is singing talent of people at night was 2.8 milliongross income. The next day, the average income of the original distribution pattern is disturbed, 2999 revenue of $ 1 million a concert, 70,000 people each person income in 9600; talented singing star revenues 2,810,000. If a tax adjustment, huge income disparities still exist. This process is rich overnight, in contrast to the wealth of the singer 2,810,000 and revenues at 9600 people are poor. This picture is not the fault of others in the country is a result of voluntary behavior. If you indiscriminately, regardless of the rich, poor, broken and paste labels justice and injustice, rather than slapping it? Who is changing the structure of income distribution? People's voluntary choice. We do not recognize the innate intelligence Rolls, said the collective assets in order to gain wealth singer simple. Similarly, the following eight categories of access and ownership of wealth is simple.

Above thought experiment to illustrate that if a legitimate source of wealth is a common body of many individuals are a result of voluntary transactions, there is no gap between income distribution opportunities for blame, just. It also shows that any pattern of distribution (eg, above-average distribution of the total, similar to the communist ideal), and voluntary trades will be disturbed. Nozick called "break free model." Thus, society can not sustain any reason to build a distribution model.Such as common, "according to ... ... distribution" is a method of distribution.

In fact, the only sources of wealth are not limited to congenital fund or qualifications, as well as the wealth of many of the same way to achieve justice:

Second: the chance, for example, lottery winnings, the ground and pulls out a piece of gold.

Third: The place of residence, such as living in the eastern coastal developed regions, the overall level of income is higher than the western region.

Fourth: inheritance, such as the so-called second-generation rich (inheritance is not limited to wealthy second case). It should be clear, the first generation of wealth from the justice way, inheritance is simple. If this is not just for first-generation wealth, you have to take remedial action. If there is evidence to identify one, the correction through the normal judicial process if it is a universal behavior, such as reform of the reform and opening up "speculation", in the case of the proof path through the collection of heavy taxes correction. If over time, there is no reliable evidence that the source of injustice, our approach is to immediately discontinue access to the wealth that way, not only acts as a rule, such as corruption and administrative monopolies, but also very importantly, tolerance. If there is no access to historical cycles easy access to a stalemate, never yield, the revolutionary turned out cookies, as described above.

Fifth: hard work, hard-working rich.

Sixth: business income. (It may be attributed to the first case)

Seventh: marriage (very hard to create some of the reasons)

Eighth: The above combination of different situations. And others.

If the gap between rich and poor because of these reasons should be labeled, moral condemnation, and even incite confrontation revolution, are criminal offenses. The purpose of this article to remind those who just watched from the results is initiated without successful people, the Polish eyes. Just in the misleading of oil from the poor by the rich to look at the issue of equity or wealth held point of view or not, to determine the future direction of the transformation of troubled countries, to identify the main system's future structure.

We can imagine that those who are not only way to get a huge amount of wealth, and it's not just a way to acquire wealth, and they react? Hatred of the way of justice for those of wealth, hidden wealth, transfer wealth. This creates a difficult situation and uncertainty. Those who have been the way of fairness and justice way to get a great wealth of people how to react? Great feeling it is wrong. Then, the reaction is the reduction of business activities, reducing investment, transfer of investments, transfer of assets, concealment of assets. They opposed the greatest loss of society as a whole is to reduce or inhibit the entrepreneurial spirit of that society and other talent to play.

More harm is yet to come, I do not know where the public, not just the hypocrisy of those who acquire wealth, and actively called for state intervention, called for massive public works and public action to reduce hatred, divert attention, bleaching of ill-gotten gains At this time, we see a country most people are large-scale government intervention in the economy and social programs Romantic cheers and applause. In fact, this is the way to happiness Where is it? Clearly in the cover up, cosmetics, whitening and more complex is the source of justice, the rich also tend to be willing to support large-scale welfare projects to alleviate those unknown to most people, provoking the anger and resentment.

"This is the root of human nature, curved wood, literally does not know how any of the things straight." The problem is always present in complex ways, the decisions do not have clean and simple program. Hayek warned us "the illusion of social justice," only "doing justice" and not the so-called distributive justice, income distribution, to properly understand the phenomenon, understanding where the real problem. The proposed design of public policies and institutions will not lead to confusion.                                                                                                                                     2011-6-4